Graded Reading Guide: Beginners Elementary Pre-Intermediate

What's are the best graded readers for English language learners?

Only the reader will know! Some like romances. Some prefer thrillers or comedies. The key is to choose something you would enjoy in your first language

Here are a few suggestions:


Why? Starter/Beginner Paperback by Philip Prowse


Love by Design: Elementary (Macmillan Reader) is a romantic story of high drama and young love.

Decline and Fall (Oxford Bookworms Library)


Oxford Bookworms Factfiles: Stage 3: 1,000 Headwords Recycling

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Oxford Bookworms Library)

The Signalman: AND The Ghost at the Trial (Macmillan Reader)

No Longer at Ease: Intermediate (Macmillan Reader)

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story: Stage 3 (Oxford Bookworms Library, Crime & Mystery)

A Morbid Taste for Bones: 1400 Headwords (Oxford Bookworms Library)

Rebecca (Macmillan ELT Reader & CD Pack)

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Guide to levels here. British Council reading assessment here